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Miscellaneous Management Documents
General Release Waiver
Our system provides you with a comprehensive Release Agreement that releases one party, from liability for claims asserted by another person. Our Release Agreement is easily customizable to your situation and is effective for all jurisdictions.

Photo Copyright
This document allows a photographer to grant a user a license to display a specific photo.

Photo / Video Consent
This agreement allows someone to use a photo or video of you; Documented consent for photography and or video can provide safety and privacy for persons granting permission for the use of their photo/video.

Acting Consent
Outlining permission for those underage, the acting consent form for the use by a Parent/Guardian secures a legal and safe procedure for the client.

Medical Consent
A Parent/Guardian can construct a customized Medical Consent agreement for underage clients with this consent agreement detailing information needed for legal procedures.

Travel Consent
Adults traveling with minor children are strongly advised to carry a Travel Consent document signed by parents or legal guardians. Travel consent can help you to avoid delays at border crossing or customs.

Cease and Desist
Cease and Desist Orders fall into a few broad categories. We have identified the most common reasons for writing a cease and desist letter, and we have customized the output to suit your choices and geographic location.

Final Notice Before Legal Action
Our form will help you construct a customized Final Notice Before Legal Action document. This document allow you to communicate your intention to pursue legal action to solve an outstanding issue.

Collection Demand Letter
This Collection Demand Letter allows you to ask that an outstanding debt be paid. This can be used if a payment is missed on a Promissory Note, Rental Agreement or other contractual obligation.

Mediation Agreement
This Mediation Agreement allows parties to agree to have a mediator settle a dispute.


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