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Privacy Statement privacy policy is very simple. We do not share any information and we try to save as little personal information as possible. The information we keep is for our internal use and our customers use only.

We do not save any credit card information so there is no risk in anyone accessing it.
We do not solicit information with any third party other than based on your specific request and approval.

Please contact us for more details.

Refund Policy

The nature of our products and service make it very important for us to minimize any cause for refunds. We provide our customers with a full preview of the documents they purchase whenever possible, this is complimented by our on-line support and customer service. By doing so, we hope to avoid having any reason to issue refunds.

However, we understand that errors can occur, and our customer service managers can make adjustments to payments at their discretion. Refund requests should be by e-mail only and sent to our customer service department from our contact page, with a detailed explanation of reason for the refund request and the time of purchase if possible.

We encourage our customers to preview the agreement prior to purchase. Transaction fees in case of approved refund may be charged.


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