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Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone you trust the legal authority to act for you in the financial, property, or legal matters you choose. The Power of Attorney is frequently used to help in the event of your illness or disability or in legal transactions where you cannot be present to sign necessary legal documents.

Employment Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney that is specific to Employment matters.

Health Care Power of Attorney / Living Will
A Living Will makes clear in writing your wishes concerning your health care if you have a terminal condition. It is called a "living" Will, because it comes into effect while the person is still alive.

Revoke Power of Attorney
A Power of Attorney Revocation allows you to cancel the powers granted to an attorney-in-fact in a Power of Attorney.

Separation Agreement (Married, no children)
This agreement is intended to help the parties formalize an allocation of their properties, assets, finances child custody and support. You may also need to work out issues dealing with spousal support. A separation agreement will help you take care of unforeseen situations that may happen and anything that you truly care about.


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