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Employment and Contractor Management Documents
Employment Agreement
Set out the terms and conditions of employment between a company and employee.

Employment Termination
Legally and efficiently go through the termination process to avoid any possible legal or professional misunderstandings.

Resignation Letter
Our resignation letter is not long-winded; and it aims to be neutral in tone. This is important in the case that you want to resume a professional relationship with your former employer, or conversely, if you want to take further action against them. An angry or overtly flattering letter would reduce your options.

Probation Extension
Extend the probation period set for an employee.

Contractor Agreements
Usage by either individuals or corporations, our contractor agreements will ensure a safe and secure agreement between clients for contracted work.

Consultant Agreement
This Consultant Agreement allows the company and consultant to outline a business relationship. This document contains various clauses that may or not be needed.

Commission Agreement
The Commission Agreement allows a Company and an Agent to outline the terms of commission to be paid, the length of the agreement and more.

Publishing Agreement
A publishing agreement must be signed by authors before any document can be published. Creating Publishing Conditions before signing the agreement can ensure everyone’s best interests and security.

Confidentiality Agreements
Our Confidential/Non-Disclosure Agreements are designed to protect the information you disclose to another party, ensuring that the recipient of the confidential information will not share it with anyone else.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Protect your sensative information with this Non-Disclosure Agreement. Outline the length of the agreement and detail provisions for when the Agreement has ended.

Non-Compete Agreement
Prevent an employee from competing with your company with this Non-Compete Agreement, outline terms and timelines.


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